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SuZhou: weeding dresses

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ENG: Hi girls! Spring and summer are a special mounths for us. I think so. There are a lot of occasions to get dressed and look's fabulous!
First of all it;s a perfect time for a weeding party. As guests and as a brides maid we have to look amazing and dressed perfectly for the occasion.
If you observe my Instagram account (@aleksandrasiara) you have to see my leatest look for a friend weeding. It was a beautiful midi red dress. It's totally my style.
Today I want you some sexy bridesmaid dresses from SuZhouDress. In my opinion it's a perfect shop where you can find a unique dress for a party.
First is a beautiful lace off shoulder midi dress. Just in my style! Elegant and perfect for dancing :)
Second one is an energy long red dress. Amazing lace with a neckline and tulle bottom.
My favourite one is this nude/ beige long dress. Gorgeous neckline with bare back and long long fly. Amazing dress you have to check it :)
And for the last I left beautiful midi dress with sparkling top. Just like in the 90's. And this color! Perfect dress even for a winter weeding party.
So let's go and check SuZhou weeding dresses and find perfect one for yourself.


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