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Suzhou- gold dresses

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ENG: Hi girls! Today I want to show you another beautiful suzhou dresses. This time I bet on amazing and magic gold dresses.
For me it's one of the most elegant, rich and feminice color of all. We can feel like a princess. If you are prepering for some special event you can reach to gold prom dresses and choose perfect one for yourself.
First is one of my favourite. Look just like removed from a fairy tale. Shimmering and airy beautiful gold dress. You can find it here -> click
Second one is so simple and perfect for any occasions. Short one with gorgeous lace - did you see your self wearing this dress during your prom? I think you already think of that.
And the last one is an elegant and very feminine long lace dress. There are no words for this beauty. Just check yourself what you can find in they store!


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