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Oh My! Concept Store - opening ceremony

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Good evening everyone.
Today I would like to share with you an article and photos from Oh My! Concept Store- opening ceremony. Well, the event took place in November (last year) so I am a little bit late (please forgive me, it won't happen again). However I think you will find it interesting. And by the way I was invited as a fashion blogger and asked to be a host of the event. So that was my debut as a presenter! No regrets! That was a really stressful experience so I do not really remember  much, but now I know I am ready for more and that is something I could definitely do! :)
The opening ceremony of oh my! Concept Store took place on the 18th November, and from November 23, the place is available to all lovers of fashion. An attraction of the evening was the fashion show of Polish designers. Creations of the latest autumn collection designers presented the guests professional models from SPP Models. Additionally, took place a fashion show of young designers who took part in the competition and be able to introduce their work a wider audience. Some of the forms delighted - other surprised - like Adrian Lewandowski's projects, who, in his work appealed to human secretions.
Oh my! Concept store is new fashion place in the heart of Wroclaw, the bustling street Świdnicka 150m2. You can look here for clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and jewelry from independent Polish designers, including shoes Heels Mood, clothes Madnezz, Ewelina Kosmal Alexander Zgubinska Atelier, Susanna Szamocka, Milena Bienkowska, bags Me & Bags, jewelry Djenka, ArtMotyw, Amuletum. It's also a place that connects mode of art - you can admire the work of the artist GubRoshka
Oh my! concept store is open 7 days a week from pm. 10:00 - 20:00. This is, without a doubt place with high potential for the fashion, what was lacking in Wroclove. You can arrange a meeting with the Personal Shopper, sessions with the photographer, have a cup of coffee and read modal newspapers. Coming soon also meetings with fashion designers and clothing stylists and make-up artists. The owners are also open to collaboration with new designers to be able to present their projects in this part of Poland.
If you are going to visit Wroclaw (Poland) soon there is definitely a place on your fashion map to visit. I think this is the best store interior and atmosphere I have seen in Wroclaw.
Thank you to Marcin and Sebastian for an invitation and everyone else who helped to open the store on time.
The Jury and the owners (on the left)-  I am having fun as you can see :)
Katarzyna - the show stylist and choreograph manager
Designer with guests
Me and the owner Marcin
GubRoshka - anartist painter
The Jury and winners
When speaking
The winners !
Gorgeous dress by Ewelina Kosmal
Adrian's Lewandowski design!
Before we started - being nervous!
My favorite shoe collection.
Hey mister DJ! The music was on point !
Amazing ladies form LAB ONE - new Polish cosmetic brand.
Well, Jury and we. :)
And day 2. The store is now open for sale!
Well and the final selfie in the gorgeous changing room!
And the three of us!
Photos Bartosz also me (from my i-Phone)
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